The Importance of In-Season Training

In sports you may have heard a comment like “they look like they’re getting stronger as the season goes on!” As we all know sports take a toll on the body and it’s pretty difficult to get stronger during the season. What you notice by those who appear stronger late in the year is a better ability to maintain their off season form. These athletes aren’t getting stronger as the season goes on, they are just breaking down slower than their opponents, giving the appearance that they are getting stronger. I highly doubt anyone adds 20 pounds to their bench […]

Buyer Beware

Before I started this blog, I became really fascinated with fitness marketing and began studying industry tough. I can honestly say, these “gurus” really know how to attract attention. With their WOD videos, the super lean fitness models, the trainers with friends who are pro athletes, or pro athletes themselves they really do a great job at projecting themselves as experts. This is actually what inspired me to get the blog started. I saw so many bad workouts, bad information, and incorrect technique being taught by these internet famous trainers and pro athletes who have a tremendous following. Seeing this […]

Training Hard vs. Training Smart

In today’s society many people have this belief that more is better. Products are mass produced with little concern for the quality to maximize profits. People try to please everyone rather than develop a few quality relationships. Also many people workout to the extreme rather than strategically design a proper program that will not only maximize the results but also improve their recovery. At Acceleration Sports Performance, we use the latest researched-backed patent protocols and proprietary equipment to produce the highest level of results. In this post we will discuss why it’s important for athletes to train smarter and not […]

The Importance of Choosing The Right Exercise Program

Everywhere you go these days, there’s a new gym or workout studio that’s offering some form of group exercise class. Whether it’s Zumba, Crossfit, or a yoga class, these classes are abundant and really popular. One must be careful when picking a workout routine or class to participate in. Picking the wrong program can lead to minimal results or worst case scenario, an injury. At Acceleration Sports Performance, we provide science based sports training, agility training, speed training and power training in the Naperville and Chicagoland area. In this post I will discuss some things to look for when picking […]

5 Steps To Do NOW To Get Recruited Later

EARN:EVERY:DAY – Blog by JR Niklos Did you know? Walter Payton, Jerry Rice, and Scottie Pippen received ZERO Division 1a scholarship offers out of high school! Did you know? Yet being FAR from the best burger, McDonalds sells more burgers than anyone in the world. In fact, McDonalds sells 75 burgers every second! What’s that mean? It doesn’t matter how good you are unless you properly market yourself! The following are FIVE easy steps to help you play at a great college with a great fit! Know your skill level: There are 1700 colleges that offer sports, and I bet […]

Get JUKES like Chris Johnson w/ these 5 Single Leg Exercises

TRAINING DAY – Blog by Mike Niklos We all watch and mimic our favorite athlete’s moves, but how are they able to be so successful making their opponent look silly? Incorporate these single leg lifts in your workout and start implementing the moves you do in Madden in real life. 1) Side Lunges Just like a forward lunge increases linear strength, side lunges will allow you to come out of a break much faster and lower increasing your ability to put more moves on your opponent. 2) Pistol Squats The stronger we are at a low center of gravity the […]

3 Exercises You Are Doing…..But Doing Wrong

“If it’s worth DOING it’s worth doing PERFECT” this applies to everything we do in life including training. Here are 3 very popular exercises that we see done incorrectly for beginner athletes at our center. PUSH UP The misconception of a push up is that it is only a chest exercise. A proper push up should incorporate the entire body. The body is a chain and if one link is weak the whole body can break. Arms should be perpendicular to the chest and the shoulders should be pulled down. Hands should be placed shoulder width apart on the ground. […]


FITNESS 365 – Blog by Chris Minor “Motivation is what gets you started — Habit is what keeps you going” ~ Jim Ryan 1. SET REALISTIC ATTAINABLE GOALS – Most people fail because they set an unrealistic goals that they expect to achieve overnight. Set attainable goals and realize that consistency and small constant changes over a long period of time will be more effective. 2. TRACK YOUR WORK-OUTS – Keep a daily or weekly log to track all of your work-outs, so that you can keep progressing in the right direction and keep your body challenged. 3. ADD CARDIOVASCULAR […]

10 Must Have App’s For All Athletes

You train 1-2 hours a day. But what can you do during the other 22 hours to ensure your future athletic success? You are not given each day. You must earn everything that is given to you. Chances are you have an IPhone or similar phone, so get these apps to help you earn every day. 1 RM Lite – So, bro, how much do you bench? Now with every set of any rep, you can estimate your 1 rep max for any exercise. Also a great tool to estimate how much weight you should use for any rep amount […]

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