Specialized Equipment


Acceleration features over $250,000 worth of Specialized and Proprietary Sport Performance Equipment to improve speed, agility, strength and power including:

Over Speed

3 Generation II Super Treadmill (The fastest, highest elevated treadmill in the world. This super treadmill goes up to 30 mph & 40 degree incline)

Makota Reaction Arena

Makota Reaction Arena (A 360-degree, multi-planar light system that produces improvements in first-step quickness, reaction time, hand-eye and foot coordination.

Force Treadmill

Force Treadmill (The Force is the ultimate tool for developing speed and power via resistance training by using a magnetic resistance system (between 0-150 pounds)

Plyo Press

Plyo Press (The jumping plyo press allows you to train for explosive power below and above body weight, maximizing explosive performance)

Backpedal Mobility Treadmill

Backpedal/Mobility Treadmill (This specialized treadmill allows the athlete to laterally shuffle, drop back, karaoke, and backpedal in a over-speed inclined atmosphere.


Dartfish Video Analysis

Dartfish Video Analysis (Video analysis system that captures an athlete’s running mechanics, so that adjustments and feedback can be made)

Hammer Strength Dual Weight-Rack

Hammer Strength Dual Weight Rack (Hammer strength weight racks are the Gold standard and are used in over 50% professional sports weight rooms)

FTS 100 Purmotion Training Station

FTS 100 Purmotion Training Station (This functional apparatus allows fitness pros to design & implement small group functional training programs)



Vertimax (This advanced speed and power training system is used by NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL teams for developing explosive speed, power and vertical jump increases)

Nike Vision Strobes

Nike Vision Strobes (vision eyewear that allows you to train sport specific drills to improve your sensory skills) SEE CLEARER, THINK QUICKER, & MOVE FASTER

Resistance Cord Technology

Resistance Cord Technology (The Cords provide controlled resistance while allowing athletes to perform at game speed velocities, greatly improving sport-specific power)


Pro Multi-Hip Machine (4-way functional hip machine improves the key abdominal and hip muscle strength essential for sport specific performance)

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